Yo-Yo Weight Options

YoYo Weight Options: Basic Guidelines

There are a variety of options available for the weight used on a YoYo Cable & Weight measuring device. If you need assistance determining which weight is right for your applications, please contact our Application Specialists.

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YoYo Weights_SpikePlastic Spike Weight

  • High angle of repose materials
  • Filled with material
  • ABS plastic – harder, more durable plastic
  • Cold weather climates



YoYo Weights_SS bobSS Bob Weight

  • Does not require any fill; weighs approximately 25 oz
  • High temperature applications
  • Stainless Steel
  • Liquid/solid interface


YoYo Weights_Standard PlasticPlastic Digestible Weight

  • Low angle of repose
  • HDPE plastic – digestible, causing limited impact to process
  • Filled with material to eliminate cross contamination


PVC Jacketed Bob Weight

  • Solid; approximately 25 oz
  • Designed for salt/brine; liquid/solid interface
  • Corrosion resistant version of the SS Bob Weight

Low Density SS Weight

  • Low density materials
  • Pre-weighted to 25 oz
  • Seals up against the tank entry

Low Density Plastic Weight

  • Cross between the SS Low Density weight and a spike weight
  • Seals up against the tank entry
  • Requires material fill to achieve 20 oz minimum (May not be same as material as in the vessel)

SS Float Weight

  • Liquid Measurement
  • Similar Dimensions as Digestible Bottle
  • No material fill required