Yo-Yo™ Series Level Indicator

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The Bindicator YoYo is a weight and cable sensor specifically designed for managing dry bulk solids inventory; it is a continuous level measurement bin level sensor.

Remote Display & Programmer

An LCD display can monitor up to 99 sensors and is used to program each cable and weight Yo-Yo which includes assigning identification and measuring ranges.

Yo-Yo Weight Options: General Guidelines

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Technology: Cable and Weight
Applications: Automates the use of a drop line for increased safety and accuracy

More Features

Options for Specific Applications

Weight options include plastic, stainless steel, spike weight, low density and PVC Jacketed options depending on the material and application circumstances. A heater is also available for the LCD display if required.


  • Power Requirements: 115/230 VAC
  • Output: MODBUS, Analog 4-20 mA optically isolated (user sourced) into 600 ohms max
  • Mounting: 3” NPT, ANSI flange available
  • Enclosure Rating: GP-4: NEMA 4; Mark-4: NEMA 4/7/9



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GP-4/Mark-4 with 10 degree Roof Kit Dimensional Drawing
Bindicator Yo-Yo Weight Dimensions
Mark-4 Yo-Yo™ Series Level Indicator Dimensional Drawing
GP-4 Yo-Yo™ Series Level Indicator Dimensional Drawing
Yo-Yo™ Series, GP-4 & Mark-4 Display Dimensional Drawing
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Yo-Yo™ Series Overview Flyer
Yo-Yo™ Series, GP-4 & Mark-4 Modbus Guide
Yo-Yo™ Series, GP-4 & Mark-4 Level Indicator Installation & Operation Manual
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Application Notes

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General Application Data Sheet
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