Original Roto-Bin-Dicator

Versatility At Its Best

The Roto-Bin-Dicator is the most universal of all level sensing technologies and is the most popular level switch used in dry bulk materials. The Roto-Bin-Dicator is a rotating paddle type, bulk material level sensor offered in a wide variety of paddle options for unequaled application versatility. It is easy to install and requires no special tools or calibration.

Bindicator offers the Original Roto-Bin-Dicator models for Low Level Fail Safe protection, Super-Safe-Plus models for High Level Fail Safe requirements, and Mini-Roto for tight spaces.

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SuperSafe Roto-Bin-Dicator Mini Roto-Bin-Dicator
  • No Calibration Required
  • High or Low Level Alarm Switch
  • Top, Bottom, or Side Mount
  • 1 or 2 SPDT Switches
  • Explosion Proof & Stainless Steel Enclosures Available
  • Special Motor Design Allows power to be applied all the time, producing heat and eliminating condensation


Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 4.23.50 PMThe Roto-Bin-Dicator incorporates a low torque, slow speed synchronous motor [A]. The motor rotates a paddle [B] which is extended into the bin.

As the material builds up to the Roto-Bin-Dicator, the paddle is stopped, which in turn stalls the motor. As the motor stalls, it actuates switches [C].

The torque of the motor, while stalled, serves to keep the switches actuated while the paddle rotation is stopped by the presence of bulk material.

The switches in the Roto-Bin-Dicator serve to energize audible and visual signal systems and/or stop and start machinery such as conveyors, elevators, feeders, etc.

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