Case Studies & White Papers

Case Study: Cement Manufacturer

Bindicator helps provide a cement manufacturer with a continuous level measurement solution.

Case Study: Cement Supplier

Bindicator’s comprehensive application solution helps a cement supplier improve the accuracy of level measurement readings for their fly ash silos.

Technical Note: F78MP Series Air Radar

Radar is one of the most advanced forms of level measurement technology available in the dry bulk solids industry. This technical note explains why air radar is the ideal choice for difficult and dusty environments.

Success Story: Landscape & Garden Products

Bindicator assists a landscape and garden products manufacturer with material detection difficulties.

Guide: What to Consider When Selecting a Continuous Level Device – Parts I & II

This two-part guide explains what factors you need to consider when selecting a continuous level device for your storage or process vessel. Read about the types of available level sensors, how to consult a manufacturer for selection advice and the material characteristics and vessel construction details you need to consider when choosing a device.

White Paper: Monitoring Bulk Solids Inventory

Bulk Solids Inventory exists in a wide range of industries including agriculture, grain processing, feed production, plastic processing, concrete production and many more. Reliable monitoring of these inventories and efficient management of the corresponding data requires a choice of sensing technologies such as weight or level sensors as well as up-to-date, efficient data management systems.

Case Study: Bindicator Assists Pet Food Manufacturer

Pet food manufacturers are being challenged to achieve higher production standards in order to meet consumers’ quality expectations. These evolving priorities are triggering many manufacturers to add more sophisticated inventory management systems to their plants and upgrade their equipment and sensors to meet food grade standards.